The panorama project

Over the last few years I've been traveling within and outside Europe with a digital camera. Purely for my pleasure. Time and time again I was hit and drawn by the views from hilltops, mountain peaks and rock cliffs. If the weather and the situation permitting, I try to capture these views in the form of a panorama. Some of these photos are on this website. I wish you much viewing pleasure when clicking around.

Technical background panorama photos

The panoramas on this site are all made up of a number of photos. These were taken free hand. Then they were stitched together with ArcSoft Panorama Maker®, ICE® form Microsoft® or Hugin®. For taking the pictures I uesed Coolpix® cameras from Nikon®. First with a 995, later with a 5700 and nowadays with a 7100.

Making panoramic pictures yourself

Of course, you can find various books how to make a panorama. Do it, I recommend it! But I have also some practical tips and tricks.