VBA button for Excel (and Word)


Let's say you want to carry out a series of actions in an Excel workbook or a Word document, then it would be useful to this series to start up with the push of a button. That is precisely the purpose of the attached "Start a macro with a button". It is a  instruction to create such a button. The instruction is based on MS-Excel 2013. However, it can also be used for the versions 2007, 2010 and 2015. Check the help function to retrieve the deferences between the various versions. The instruction is based on reasonable skill in working with Excel. Although the instruction is written for Excel is they can also be used in Word.

The first real step in the instruction is the creation of an ActiveX button a worksheet, the second step is the creation of an user form and the third step is linking the the ActiveX button to the user form. In the picture below you see the button "Start de macro", which was used to open the user form "Voorbeeld". This form can be you starting point for all kind of functionality.

Excel example

The instruction comes with two examples. The first with the functionality shown in the picture above, the second one with some extras.

The files

The instruction
Example 1
Example 2

The instructions was original written in Dutch and later translates in to in English. Only in the images in the instruction there is some dutch left.

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