Programming - Introduction to my projects

About my VB.Net projects

On this webpage you will find some of my Visual projects. Some are small exercises, others are complete applications. The aim is to supply you not only with the application itself but also with the source code. For all applications were build using VB.Net 2015 Express (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

Maps for Memory-Map

The purpose of this project  is to convert existing geographical maps in to for Memory-Map and Fugawi usable maps. The applications in this project convert existing calibration files in to JPR calibration files or extracting calibration data form GeoPDF- and GeoTIFF-files and creating the JPR-file.

Lean and Mean Viewer (LMViewer.exe)

The purpose of this project was to build a Image Viewer; no more, no less, without all sorts of "unnecessary" functionality. Don't expect any options like conversion, transformation or compression. The previous version was still based on Visual Basic 5.0. and clearly it was time for an update.

JPR for Swiss, Dutch or British Tiles (J4CHT.exe, J4NLT.exe en J4GBT.exe)

For the use of images of topographic maps in combination with GPS applications it is necessary to calibrate these maps; establishing a link between point on the image and the "actual" geographical coordinate (more information). These applications do this  more or less in an automated way.

Smart Button Project

To free more space on the screen for the primary functionality of an application, you can try to limit the number of buttons. In the Smart Button Project this is done by splitting the surface of a button in multiple zones and give each of the zones their own functionality. The result: fewer buttons and more functionality.


Topographical maps in JPG, PNG or TIFF format which already calibrated for OziExplorer can be used with Memory-Map (or Fugawi) if the calibration file is translated. This is the purpose of the application MAP to JPR (M2J). This application will be included in the "Maps for Memory-Map" project.


The applications and their source code are provided “as is”. The use (of one) of the applications or the provided source code is on your own risk. Direct or indirect damage by using these applications or their source code is users responsibility, not the application-builders. Redistribution by a third party (commercial of non-commercial) is prohibit. Download the application direct form