Programming - Lean and Mean Viewer (LMViewer.exe)


More than fifteen years ago I built my first image viewer with Visual basic 5.0. And actually it still serves his purpose . My passion for creating panorama photos (using the full width of the monitor screen) and the challenge to build an application once again brought me to revive this project. The result is an image viewer without frills.



With building this application I tackled four issues: using the arrow buttons of the keyboard, use the mouse wheel, clicking with the mouse on the left/right part of the image and turning an image. The source code of the core functionality of the first the second and the Fourth issue can be found in the window on the right. The explanation of  thethird issue you will find elsewhere on this website.


The installation files (
The Quick help (Quick help Lean and Mean Viewer.pdf)


August 22, 2016: initial release (version 1.3)
September 5, 2016: implementation mouse wheel (version 1.4)
October 1, 2016: implementation to rotate image (version 1.5)