Maps for Memory-Maps project (M4MM)

Introduction M4MM

The purpose of this project is to make exiting (calibrated) maps accessible for Memory-Map (and Fugawi) with some dedicated applications.

The project is split in two parts; a "How to use"-part and a "How it is was build" part (this web page). In the "Who to use" part you will find the downloads and the functional documentation. On this page the more technical (programming) details.



The applications were built as a Windows Forms App (.NET Framework ) in Visual Studio 2019 Basic. The code is depending on features of this template (I know by trial and error).

You will find some pieces of code  in the frame to the right.


In the documentation you will find the description of the applications, the code and some tables used during the development phase.
- Documentation (v0.2) (download > unzip)


The upcoming challenges:


- July 5. 2019: M2J version 0.1 published