Programming - JPR for Swiss, Dutch or British Maptiles
(J4CHT.exe, J4NLT.exe and J4GBT.exe)


The purpose of these applications is to simplifying the calibrating of (raster) images of Swiss, Dutch, and British topographic maps. With calibration I mean establishing a link between point on the image and the "actual" geographical coordinate (more information can be found elsewhere on this website).


The features of the applications are detailed described in the User manual. The core feature is the use of the local coordinate systems to create a calibration file (*.jpr)  for an image of a raster image of a topographical map.


The first challenge was finding the right formulas to convert the local coordinate systems in longitude and latitude (based on WGS 84). The websites with this information can be found in the manual. The second challenge was to read out the width, height, and the graphic format of an image without having to open the file. To do this, you will find the source code on the right.


Installation files JPR for Swiss Maptiles (
Installation files JPR for Dutch Maptiles (
Installation files JPR for British Maptiles (
(User manual)


August 25, 2016: initial release (version 1.5)