When creating my private website I made the choice to do this without all kind advertising messages, the ballast of all sorts of external APIs and CMS programs. The choice to use HTML5, CSS3, and Jscript was a natural one. To me it became a challenging journey of discovery, which began with searching tutorials and programs to support building. Thereafter came all kinds of topics like "how does CSS works", "what can I do with a canvas" and "what is an iframe". Much of the experience went somewhere in a text on this website.

I have tried to make the code as "light" and elegant as possible. I try to avoid all kinds of script libraries and I like to use one code for all platforms.

In "Tools" you will find programs and websites that I used developing the website. The other topics usually refers to issue's I encountered. Sometimes they were small exercises.

Finally: all the subjects in the website project are presented in a "iframe".