Map and GPS - Checking calibration

When you are finished with calibrating your map, you want to know if the entire operation was successful. This page gives some indulgences. I can recommend three methods.

  1. Checking in the field.
  2. Checking with an other (online-)map.
  3. Checking with a track or route GPX-file.

Method 1: The best method is loading  the map in the GPS-device and go in to the fields. Check whether the location in the field also matches the location on the loaded map.

Method 2: You aren't always able checking your map in the field. Sometimes that's physically impossible because it is on a different part of the world. A good alternative is to check coordinates determined using your own calibrated map with the coordinates provided on another (online-) map. In doing so, it doesn't matter which map project and map datum you use, as long as it's at both cards are the same..

Method 3: This is actually a "quick and dirty" method, but in practice it works well . Find in the internet to a hike or mountain bike site. Search there one or more tracks or -routes, which fits on your calibrated map. Downloads them as GPX-file and load them in your GPS program. If everything is correct, the track or route fits neatly on the trails and roads. A helpful website with a lot of tracks (partly verified) is