The Maps and GPS project

About the project

In the Project "Maps and GPS" you find all the subjects related to the find, create, calibrate; and access to map material for my GPS software Memory Map®. It works with raster maps and is similar to the programs such as OZI®, Alpine Quest®, FUGAWI® and PathAway®. Information about Garmin®, Tom Tom® and such programs you will not find here.

In the section "Map sources" I will tell you about where you can find raster maps. In "Embedded maps" you will find embedded maps which are suitable for extraction of map material to create your own map or as examples when you build your own website. The section "Create a map" deals with creating map images based on scans, screen dumps or map images available in the internet. "Calibrate a map" is about embedding the map material in a coordinate system. "Example" speaks for itself. In the section "TOOLS and TIPS" you will find a number of articles on a specific topic about Maps and GPS. In the last section you will you will find additional information about Memory-Map.

In the project I want to share the experience I have gained in recent years. It is not my intention to start a blog where anyone can ask questions. It isn't a cookbook neither a webinar. However, I regularly check the hyperlinks on accuracy. Inaccuracies can be reported via this website's email address