Maps and GPS - Embedded maps

Embedded maps

Creating webpages with embedded topo maps is a fusion of two of my hobbies, programming and maps. Basically the technical it is quiet simple. Create a webpage en copy the embedded code into in. In the table below you will find some examples.

If you want to reuse the embedded code in a web page be aware of the licenses and copyright. Visit the webpages of the web publishers and check them.

(Last modified: May 1, 2020, last checked: January 09, 2022)

Name of map Description
GOOGLE-map The well known GOOGLE map and satellite image.
BING-map The well known BING (Microsoft) map. Under construction!
HERE-map The well known HERE map and satellite image (former NOKIA).
OSM-map The original Open Street Map
GISsurver Maps from Includes the ESRI streets, ESRI topographic, ESRI National Geographic and OSM cycle world. Be aware: sometimes distances and contour lines are indicating mile/feet instead of meters.
PDOK-map The Dutch topo map (PDOK). Includes satellite image. The map is always less then two years old!.
Dutch TOP-maps The Dutch TOP10, TOP25 (raster), TOP50 (raster), TOP250 (raster). The map is mostly less then two years old! Be patience, it takes time to load the raster maps.
SWISS-map The Swiss raster topo map. You can zoom from scale 1:500,000 to 1:12,500.  This map shows all the hiking trails an walkways.