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In this section “Memory-Map” I will share some experience and tell you about some issues I had with Memory-Map. In the linkS to the left you will find some Memory-Map related information, some maps for Memory-Map an some conversion tools.

Experience with Memory-Map®

More than fourteen years ago I bought digital topo maps of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (published by eTopo®). On the CD-Rom was stripped version of the Memory-Map Navigator® packed. This was my start using this kind of applications. I tried several programs for using raster topo maps like Fugawi®, OZI® and some others. After a while Memory-Map suited me best. First I bought a license for the Dutch topo map. A year later I bought a second license, the European one with the option to import and use third party maps. From this moment I was able to create my own maps and got interested in to find raster topo maps in the internet. The information in my project “Maps and GPS” is the result of this hobby.

Memory-map is a collection of applications. First there is the PC version. I use it for creating and calibrating maps and for planning purpose. For hiking I use the Android version on my mobile phone (with GPS sensor). As a co-pilot in our car I use the IPad version to find directions in the countryside. In earlier days I had a GPS mobile phone with Windows CE and used the corresponding app for Memory-Map. So, now you know a little about my experience with this program.

Help desk and support encounters

In fourteen years I had some encounters with Memory-Maps help and support desk in the UK. When asking something commercially the answer was prompt en adequate. When asking something technically the answer was also prompt, but not really helpful. When they asked for beta testers I wrote them that I liked to be a tester for the PC version. I got a ticket number and from that moment there was radio silence. From my experience, try the help desk, but temper your expectations.

Now a days (2021) the support is more friendly.

(Last modified August 10, 2021)