Converting OziExplorer MAP-file to JPR-file

Using OziExplorer maps with Memory-Maps


With some luck, you can find a lot of maps for OziExplorer, based on OZF2-, OZFX3-, JPG-, TIF- or PNG-files with a corresponding MAP-(calibration file). To use these files with Memory-Map (or Fugawi) the MAP-file has to be translated (converted) to a JPR-file and the image file to a PNG-file. Of Course it can be done manually. But it would be nice to do it automated.

For this purpose I wrote an application “MAP to JPR” (M2J). It read the MAP-file, it extracted the information for the JPR-file and generates the JPR-file. The project OziExplorer maps has been integrated in the project "Maps for Memory-Map" (M4MM). You will find all future developments on the M4MM project page.

The documentation and the installation files are available on the M4MM project page.

The technical documentation for M2J is an request available.

The last version of M2J was 0.2.

The current version of M4MM is 0.6.0. This version has some options to convert OZF- and OZFX3-files to PGN files.