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Memory-Map related downloads

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On this page you will find Memory-Map related downloadable files. I am pretty sure they don't contain Memory-Map copyrighted information. The files were created by me or originated form open source or open data. If somebody thinks he/she owns the copyright of the information on this web page, just contact me Before uploading a file, I tried, with in my possibilities, to test its functionality. The use of the file however is users risk. I can't take any responsibility for direct or indirect damages or losses (even you get lost somewhere in the bush). Test and try before using them seriously!


In the subject Coordinate systems I explain how to create a external grid definition for Memory-Map.

Country Description File
ETRS-TM35FIN projection
(unzip file)
EUREF 89 projection
(unzip file)
SWEREF 99 projections
More information SWEREF 99 projections
(unzip file)
Switzerland Landesvermessung 1903
More information Local Swiss reference frames
(unzip file)
Switzerland Landesvermessung 1995
More information Local Swiss reference frames
(unzip file)

(Last checked November 22, 2017)

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