Maps and GPS - Legal stuff about Memory-Map

The legal stuff

Before starting to share information based on an application it is necessary to study the legal terms of that application. In this case the EULA of Memory-map. I suggest to read also about this legal subject in Wikepedia (for example what is mend with copyright, decompilation and so on, by European and by US law) too.

In short it isn’t allowed to share files Memory-map provided to you (cd/dvd/download) with their product. In the EULA you don’t find any restriction about sharing information you created by yourself. But there is a grey area; creations based on Memory-map files (merged maps, etc, etc), be careful. For example you can share a QCT-file of a map created by yourself, based on information you own or you have right to share.

As a reminder: read the story of MM-Tracker on internet. Memory-Map is keen to protect their treasure.