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Memory-Map/AlpineQuest related maps

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On this page you will find downloadable maps in the qct-file format, which can be used with the Memory-map® apps (Windows, IOS and Android with an "Import 3rd Party Maps" license) and AlpineQuest® Off-Road Explorer (Android). I am pretty sure they don't contain Memory-Map copyrighted information. If somebody thinks he/she owns the copyright of the information on this web page, just contact me

The qct-files were created by me, based on topographical information from open sources. Before uploading a map, I tested, with in my possibilities, its functionality. The use of a map however, is users risk. I can't take any responsibility for direct or indirect damages or losses (even you get lost somewhere in the bush). Test and try before using them seriously!

(Last modified January 4, 2022)

The Netherlands

The maps are based on the open data PDOK BRT (Basisregistratie Topografie) raster maps released in 2020(last survey update September 2019). To make these maps more accessible on mobile devices (smaller number of maps and overlapping), they were cropped 75 % (from 508 dpi to 254 dpi) with nearly no loss of information and stitched together. The cropping, cutting and stitching was done with®. The maps cover the whole of the Netherlands. The calibration was done with Memory-map. Although the maps were created with the greatest accuracy, the use is on you own risk. The maps are released under the CC BY NC SA license. For any comment you can contact me ( Enjoy the use of the maps.

Scale 1:100,000 (unzip file)
Scale 1:50,000 (unzip file)
Scale 1:25,000 (unzip file)

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