MAP to JPR (M2J)

The project M2J has been integrated in the project "Maps for Memory-Map"(M4MM). You will find all future developments on the M4MM project page

Introduction M2J

M2J is a new project with two objectives; first testing Visual Studio (Basic) 2019 (is it suitable/usable for me) and second building an application to convert OziExplorer MAP-files (calibration data) to Fugawi/Memory-Map JPR-Files (also calibration data). This project combines two of my hobbies.

Visual-Basic 2019

The first step was the installation Visual Studio 2019 (Basic). It was really a strait forward process. The building and testing of the application too.The challenge for the moment is to publish it as a normal Windows application.

The current version is 0.1.

The development of application M2J

The building of application had four stages:

In the documentation you will find more information.