Hans his site


Programming (HTML, VB.Net and VBA), create panoramic photos and create topographical maps and few of my hobbies. On this website they come together. I do programming with the various versions of Visual basic® and Visual Basic for Applications®. Building websites do I do largely live with HTML5®, CSS3® and JScript® without, if possible, the use of all kinds of APIs. In addition I become fascinated by making photo panoramas and I have fun with it (available) making maps for my GPS.

This website (hzns.nl) is a learning object to me and I use her in order to share information about my hobbies. She is constantly under construction, although I try to avoid it looks like a "heap". In December 2016 I started to translate the site into English to share the information on this site with a wider audience. All the projects are translated except the Programming one. Hopefully the translation proces will be finished before summer (Hans, 5 feb 2017).